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Major Fires Hit Carrollton Within A Week

Two fires in four days in the City of Carrollton, first a blaze devastating the manufacturing facility of Superior Recreational Products, on Thursday, and then another fire at the Carrollton Wood Products located off Cedar Street.

Carrollton firefighters worked to control the fire at Superior Recreational well into Friday afternoon. Officials with the Carrollton Fire Department commented that the plastic involved as well as materials like glue and resin made for rapid spreading and difficulties in extinguishing the flames. Carrollton Fire Chief, Jimmy Bearden said the department was also concerned about the toxicity of the burning plastic but all personnel involved appear to be healthy.

“It can be a skin irritant, eye irritant and it can irritate your respiratory system but everybody seems to be faring pretty well,” said Bearden.

The 80,000 square foot building was deemed a total loss but no injuries have been reported and investigations into what caused the fire launched on Saturday. It could take several weeks to determine a cause.

As for the second major incident, the Carrollton Fire Department responded for a fire at Carrollton Wood Products, located on Cedar Street, at approximately 9:00 am on Sunday morning. Two storage facilities that housed plywood were in flames and it took several hours for firefighters to get the fire under control. No injuries have been reported and a cause has not been established but an investigation is expected to be launched this week. Cedar Street will remain closed all day, Monday, as crews remain at the scene.

With two major incidents in several days, speculation of whether the two fires could be connected has arisen, but Chief Bearden assures the two are unconnected:

“It is unusual for us to have two major fires this close together but at this point we do not think that they are related.”

With over 100 employees displaced from Superior Recreational Products, the community is attempting to provide relief. Sweet Peas Boutique on Maple Street in Carrollton will be hosting a gift card drive for the displaced employees. Visa and American Express gift cards are preferred but any donation is appreciated. Gift cards can be left at Sweet Peas Boutique for the next two weeks.


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