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Investigators Determine Cause Of Superior Recreational Fire

Firefighters believe a malfunction in a rooftop exhaust fan started the fire on July 5 that destroyed the Superior Recreational Products factory on Columbia drive in Carrollton.

Investigators suspect that an exhaust fan motor locked up, building up heat, and ignited nearby combustible objects. The exhaust fan was believed to have been about 30 years old.

Meanwhile, Carrollton City Council will consider allowing a special use permit for Superior Recreational Products. This would allow the industrial company could do light manufacturing, temporarily, at a space at 1000 Bankhead Highway which is currently zoned for commercial.

“I am just so thankful that they plan to stay in town. I know that the owner of the property that burned is planning to build it back. I know that Superior is planning to move back in as soon as that building is reconstructed,” Carrollton City Manager Tim Grizzard told WLBB radio. “I know that Superior wants to move into a temporary facility to keep their employees and keep their production going and stay here in the city of Carrollton and we are very thankful for that.”

The city council will decide whether to allow superior products special use of the former big lots building, during a called meeting later this month.


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