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Deputies Charge Alleged Porch Pirates

Investigators Brandon Wiggins and Shane North have been investigating several thefts of packages where the victims described witnessing from home cameras a U-Haul Van pull into their driveways, a male exit the vehicle and approach their dwellings and steal amazon packages. The Criminal Investigation Division used investigative tools to determine the U-Haul Van that was on the victim’s cameras was rented from a location in Carrollton and Investigator Wiggins obtained the renters information, which returned to Shanna Spicer. Investigator Wiggins sent out a BOLO (be on the lookout) to all of patrol and began to attempt to make contact with the subject. Deputy Levi Cavendar reported to night shift that evening and was provided with the information on the U-Haul Van and the subjects CID (Criminal Investigations Division) was looking for. Deputy Cavender began to patrol in areas where he knew the van had been recently seen in, and his persistence paid off. On the evening of April 12, 2023, he located the suspect vehicle traveling down Maple Street in Carrollton near the University of West Georgia. Deputy Cavender conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the occupants, identified as Shanna Spicer, age 37 from Carrollton and Roland Beatty, age 44 from Villa Rica. Both subjects had felony warrants and were placed under arrest, and the van was towed to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office for processing. Interviews were conducted with both individuals who denied meaning to steal anything and that they were just “looking at houses to buy”.

The van was searched, and multiple stolen items were recovered including the amazon delivery that the first victim reported that was a bottle of “Colorwow” Shampoo.

It takes a team to work cases and Deputy Cavender works diligently to assist the Criminal Investigation Division to apprehend suspects and in this case, he most likely prevented more Carroll County residents from falling victim to these porch pirates.

Spicer and Beatty were charged with Criminal Trespass, Burglary 1st Degree, Theft by Taking. Beatty also has pending warrants through Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.


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