Villa Rica City Council Approves “Open Container” Rule For Portion Of Downtown

An attempt to enhance the business environment in downtown Villa Rica, city council this week approved the establishment of a downtown district on the north side of downtown.

What this does, according to Deputy Director Of Community Development, Chris Montesinos is: for Temple Street and portions of Main Street, that area will now be considered an “open container district”

“(this) allows the businesses in that area to expand their service space to include areas in the public right-of-way—in the sidewalks, leading up to The Mill Amphitheater,” Montesinos said Tuesday.

Montesinos says the amphitheater would be included in the entertainment district— only-— on an individual event basis and would need to be approved by council ahead of time…

The open container rule would be limited to a clear 16-ounce cup. Drinking from can, bottle, or glass is prohibited. Open containers outside are prohibited after 2 am.


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