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Villa Rica Changes Parking on West Wilson

After numerous complaints over the past couple of years, the reverse angled parking experiment on West Wilson Street in downtown Villa Rica is officially over. The city earlier this week repaved the street and temporarily striped conventional angled parking on one side of the street and parallel parking on the other side. The City Council will vote to keep the new parking as a permanent solution for West Wilson Street at the next meeting on April 2nd.

Villa Rica Mayor, Jeff Reese said this parking solution is just the beginning. They will also add concrete islands and more signs to alert drivers that they are entering a one way street.

“Visually, you are going to see one lane going one way,” said Reese. “Those concrete islands will do that and it will narrow that down to one lane going the right way. Then we are going to put signs on those concrete islands that say do not enter.”  

With the new parking in place the street now has 59 spaces for visitors to downtown.


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