Three Defendants Sentenced To Prison On Separate Child Molestation Cases In Carroll County Superior Court

Three defendants were each sentenced to prison sentences in Carroll County Superior Court this week for three separate child molestation cases. All three cases were resolved by negotiated plea and were respectively sentenced 10 years in prison, 20 years in prison, and 25 years in prison by Coweta Judicial Circuit Judge Dennis Blackmon.

Senior Assistant District Attorney Sarah Japour prosecuted Rodney Dwayne Hurley in Carroll County Superior Court Case 19CR487, in which Hurley pled guilty to Child Molestation and Sexual Exploitation of Children and was sentenced to 20 years with 10 of those years to serve in prison. The case was investigated by Blake Terry with the Villa Rica Police Department.

Senior Assistant District Attorney Robert Peterkin prosecuted Chadrick Smalley in Carroll County Superior Court Case 19CR550, in which Smalley pled guilty to Aggravated Child Molestation and Aggravated Sexual Battery and was sentenced to 20 years in prison without the possibility of parole and life on probation. The case was investigated by Dan Keever with the Carrollton Police Department.

Sr. ADA Peterkin also prosecuted Jason Gregory Bell in Carroll County Superior Court Cases 19CR533 and 19CR641, in which Bell pled guilty to a total of four counts of Child Molestation and was sentenced to 39 years with 25 of those years to serve in prison. The case was investigated by Kim Biggs with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.

Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney Herb Cranford said: “These prosecutions show that Carroll County law enforcement and the Carroll County District Attorney’s Office will pursue substantial prison sentences against those who sexually abuse children when there is evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. All three agencies and the lead investigators in these three cases should be commended for their thorough investigations that allowed for the resolution of these cases without requiring the State to put these child victims through an emotionally difficult criminal jury trial.”



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