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Temple Expected to Rollback Millage Rate for 2019

The City of Temple will likely roll back the millage rate for 2019, the third year in a row that the city is doing so. The recently released tax digest for Carroll and Haralson counties sees dramatic increases that will require the city to roll back the rate to 5.598 mills if they do not wish to levy a property tax increase. The 2019 tax digest increased for Temple by nearly 18%. Mayor Michael Johnson said at Mondays special called council meetings that retaining the millage rate and collecting additional revenue from property owners is not needed because the city is financially stable.

“Our financial condition here in the city have improved even without increasing the property taxes and there is no reason to change that. We are trending upward. There is no reason to put any additional pressure or expense on our taxpayers,” said Johnson.

Temple will hold a public meeting on Thursday, September 6th. The council is expected to vote on the rollback rate of 5.598.


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