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Lowest Unemployment Rate in Region Could Cause Issues For Employers

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said Thursday that the 10-county Three Rivers Region — which includes Carroll, Coweta and Heard– set a record in April for lowest unemployment rate ever. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.1%. Butler said, however the numbers behind the .6% rate drop does bring some concern:

“We did see the number of individuals in the workforce drop over the last month by about 2,400 individuals. The reason why that is such a concern is that during that same time period, according to our job search website, we saw over 1,500 active job listings that we need to fill in the Three  Rivers Region. So even though we did see the labor force drop and fewer people actually shown as employed. We do have a lot of job openings currently in the Three Rivers Region.”

The number of unemployment claims in the three rivers region rose in April by 11%.

When compared to last April, claims were down by 45%.


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