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Jury Will Continue Deliberations for The Trial Of AJ Scott on Wednesday

The jury will continue deliberating in the case of former Georgia State Trooper, AJ Scott, who is accused of killing two teens and injuring two others after he collided with their vehicle, traveling at 90 miles-per-hour without his blue lights on. Deliberations continued all day Tuesday with no questions for the court about any evidence presented. The jury foreman did tell Judge John Simpson that the jurors were unanimous on the verdict for the counts of speeding and reckless driving but a numerical vote has jurors split on the verdict for two counts of vehicular homicide at 10 to 2 and two counts of serious injury by vehicle at 8 to 4. The foreman on Tuesday afternoon said the jury was deadlocked with no way to proceed.

Judge Simpson ordered that deliberations will continue on Wednesday. If no progress is made in the verdicts, the hung jury would result in a mistrial. The state may then choose to retry Scott at a later date. Judge Simpson could also give the jury an Allen Charge which is meant to invite dissenting jurors to re-examine their opinion. An Allen Charge is unlikely according to several sources.

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