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Education Pathway Gives Students Hands-On Teaching Experience

CARROLLTON, GA — When Andrea Davis began teaching at Carrollton City Schools, she had a vision for students in her education pathway classes to help them gain hands-on experience working with students in the classroom.

The vision led to the first cohort of Carrollton High School students working in classrooms with students at Carrollton Elementary and Carrollton Upper Elementary Schools.

Davis said she thinks it’s essential to give students interested in becoming educators firsthand experience before going to college.

“The high school students already understand the student side of education and it is important to get them into the classrooms to experience the teaching side of education,” she said.

CHS students go to their designated classroom at CES or CUES three days a week and work with students in reading or math. 

Currently, 22 CHS students are participating in the program.

CHS student Ruthie Collins said she is enjoying the chance to get real experience with teaching while she is still in high school.

“I love having the chance to work with students in the classroom and explore different teaching methods in a hands-on way,” she said.

Davis also said growing future educators who may return to work for the district in the future is a unique opportunity.

“A good bit of the students plan to become teachers and although they may move away to teach, many will return because nothing is like Trojans. I am a perfect example of this. I knew I wanted my children to be Trojans and give back to my hometown and school system. I’m sure these students will feel the same way.”

CES Principal Kylie Carroll said the collaboration provides positive opportunities for both future educators and the students.

“We are so fortunate to provide experience for aspiring educators while also supporting our youngest Trojans,” she said.

Carrollton High School student Natalie Dean works with students in Wynena Cox’s prekindergarten class as part of the Early Childhood Education pathway.


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