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Carroll County Will Seek Other Options To Fund Staff At New Fire Stations After Missing Out On SAFER Grant

Carroll County officials on Monday- said to be extremely disappointed to announce the county did not receive the award for the SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) Grant this year. The SAFER Grant was applied for by the Carroll County Board of Commissioners to fully staff the Tyus Carrollton Road and Jones Mill Road Fire stations that were constructed under the previous Board of Commissioners to reduce insurance premiums on residents in those areas. Building the new fire stations did result in constituents’ premiums lowered by providing a lower ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating.

Chairman Michelle Morgan is working collaboratively with the newly appointed Fire Chief, Chuck Barnwell along with Finance Director, Alecia Searcy to propose ideas to staff the stations even in light of not receiving the grant. The SAFER Grant was applied for along with many other jurisdictions within the State of Georgia and was only awarded to two of those jurisdictions. Options for funding the stations will be discussed at the December 30, 2021, work session amongst the Board of Commissioners, Fire Chief, and Finance Director.

Chairman Morgan said in a statement, “Although I am disappointed Carroll County did not receive the SAFER grant, I am very pleased that staff was preparing for the possibility we may not be awarded the grant, as they have been working to provide possible solutions to move forward without receiving the grant funding. I understand staffing these stations is very important to the community as well as their District Commissioners, especially those whose districts will benefit the most, and I look forward to presenting ideas and receiving the Commissioners input on plans moving forward with funding these positions.”


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