Haralson County Sheriff’s Office/ GBI investigate source and intention re: ‘suspicious device’ found in Waco

On Tuesday, April 20th, 2021, at approximately 09:47, deputies were dispatched to the 200 block of Old Bushmill Road, just north of King Street, in reference to a suspicious device. Upon arrival, deputies learned that Georgia Forestry Division personnel had been conducting a controlled burn in the area and had located what they believed to possibly be some type of homemade explosive device.
Deputies located a device that appeared to mimic a pipe bomb: a small metal tank with wires, electrical tape, and a switch attached to it. The device was not located in close proximity to any residences or other structures. Deputies quickly set up a perimeter to contain the area and notified their chain of command, who in turn requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Bomb Unit to respond to the location. Upon arrival of the Bomb Unit, agents used a robot to safely contain and remove the suspicious device from the area, and the incident was turned over to GBI agents at the scene for further investigation and evidence collection.
This is an on-going investigation; further information will not be released until the completion of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s analysis of the suspicious device.
If you have any tips or leads, please contact GBI region one office @ 706-624-1424.