Villa Rica Police Make Arrest After Gun Shots Fired

On 06/16/20 at 5:50 PM Villa Rica officers responded to Cleghorn St. due to a report of shots being fired at a vehicle. The investigation found that the victim had approached a female believing she was a daughter of an old friend. The female became upset and produced a handgun threatening to shoot the victim. The victim then walked away from the female. As he was walking to his car the female entered the passenger side of a vehicle and as it was pulling away, she fired one shot hitting the ground near the victim’s vehicle. Bullet fragments and asphalt struck by the bullet hit the victim’s car causing damage. There were children and adults in the area behind where the victim’s car was parked however there were no injuries reported.

Detective Terry identified the female as Tamara Shandrea Riggins, 29 years old, from Decatur Ga. Riggins turned herself in and was arrested on 06-17-20. Riggins has been charged with Aggravated Assault, Criminal Damage, and Terroristic Threats and Acts.