Developer Seeking Rezoning For New Subdivision

Plans for a new 23 lot subdivision at the intersection of Georgia Highway 166 east and North Hullet Road could have some trouble getting approval from the Carroll County Board of Commissioners next week. The landowner is asking that the property be rezoned from commercial to residential before new homes can be built, but some residents living nearby have expressed concerns over the potential for increased traffic and accidents in the area.

The property owner estimated the new homes would range in size from 1,800 to 2,800 square feet and would be valued at $250,000 and up. Last month, Carroll County’s Planning Commission voted to deny the applicant’s rezoning request. Carroll County Commissioners will consider the plan on Tuesday. Carroll County’s District Five Commissioner, Lee Powers has already said that he will vote against the plan, due to his own concerns regarding how the development would affect traffic in the area.