Local Boxing Gym Helps Area Residents with Parkinson’s

One local boxing gym is trying to alleviate symptoms of area residents who are fighting Parkinson’s disease.  The neurodegenerative disease leads to motor symptoms such as tremors, slowness of movement and muscle stiffness. Cutman Boxing Club owner, Richard Haliburton was intrigued by research that showed the positive effects of non-contact boxing training with symptoms of Parkinson’s. […]

School Officials Skeptical of New Traffic Law

A local school official on Wednesday echoed the concern of state school officials over a change in law this year. They say it does not reflect best practices to ensure student safety and could endanger Georgia’s kids as they travel to and from school. The law which took effect July 1, does not require a […]

Keeping Contraband Out of Prisons

According to one Carroll County prison official, keeping contraband out of the possession of prison inmates is an ongoing effort. Deputy Warden, Otis Wilson said officials must always be on alert for the potential of family members or friends of inmates attempting to get liquor, drugs and even weapons into the jail. “We always are, […]