UWG Celebrating Library’s 50th

The University of West Georgia’s Ingram Library is celebrating its 50th year on campus this Wednesday. Even with the emergence of the online resources, University Archivist and associate professor, Shawnee’ Yvette Murrain said that Ingram is still the most popular building on campus.

“We are the place that everyone has to come to before they graduate. We had a promotional t shirt that said ‘Ingram Library is my second major,'” said Murrain. “Everyone graduates from Ingram Library. We are the place on campus where students, faculty and community members come to get their research needs met.”

The event will have reflections from students, alumni and employees about what Ingram has meant to them over the years. Exhibits will also be display the history of the library.

Murrain said the University will also announce a new Dean of the Ingram Library during the ceremony, which starts at 2:30 P.M. in the Thomas Murphy Reading Room.