Carrollton Government Supports Tanner Expansion

Carrollton Ga -- The City of Carrollton is hoping to help Tanner Health System bring open heart surgery services to the area.
Part of the lengthy process, is demonstrating to the Georgia Department of Community Health, that there is a need for the service in the region.
Carrollton City Council and Mayor backed the plan on Monday, by voting in favor of a resolution to support Tanner Health System’s certificate of need application for open heart surgery.
City manager Tim gizzard presented the resolution: "We are very blessed with a great health system in this area, Tanner Health System. They continue to grow and expand and make the area better and better. They are planning to add open heart surgery to this area. As you also probably know, you can't just go out and build a hospital or make that sort of expansion to a medical center without state approval. There is a certificate of need required and part of that certificate of need application is that the local government support the certificate with a resolution."
In showing the need for the project, Tanner officials claim that the age-adjusted death rate for coronary heart disease for our region far exceeds the nationwide and statewide rates and at least 500 West Georgia residents were forced to travel beyond our community last year to receive open-heart surgical care.
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