Second Name In BOE Race

Carrol County Ga -- There will likely be at least a two person race to replace Jon Anderson in the District Seven seat on the Carroll County Board of Education. Carroll County native and long time community volunteer Michelle Conerly announced Tuesday that she plans to qualify for that race next week.
Bryant Turner a minister of music and administration at Roopville Road Baptist Church announced he would run for that seat on Monday.
Conerly said Anderson leaves some big shoes to fill, " Jon did an amzing job as our school board representative. I really think a lot of him and his family. We are really going to miss them. To be honest with you, I have a vested interest in Carroll County schools. I graduated from Carroll County schools. My kids attend Carroll County schools. I want every child in Carroll county schools to have the best education possible. I think that requires leadership that forgets about politics and focuses really on doing what is best for our kids, educators, staff and community as a whole."
Conerly is a graduate of Central High and the University of West Georgia. She worked professionally as a television producer and anchor until she married and began a family.
"I have been a substitute teacher in Carroll County schools for almost ten years. That has allowed me an opportunity to get to know the students, families, teacher. I served as a PTO officer and volunteer. I think I have had many opportunities as my kids have gone through school to serve as a volunteer and as a leader. I think that gives me a great perspective about what goes on in Carroll County schools and what we need and how we can look forward to the future."
Qualifying for the District Seven BOE race begins on Monday.
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Location : West Georgia