Sheriff's Office Undertaking New Education

Carrol County Ga -- Carroll County Sheriff's deputies and office staff have returned to the classroom in order to better communicate with a growing population in the region. Employees have begun a 12-week course on speaking Spanish.
"Around the Carrollton community there is going to be a population that speaks Spanish and it is very important for not only the patrol officers to be able to communicate, it is very important for those jail officers as well as the admin staff that may come in contact with Spanish speaking individuals," said Carroll County Sheriffs Chief Deputy, Brad Robinson.
The course, being taught by the company Que Pasa, also provides good information on Hispanic culture. Robinson said the course will improve communication between officers and the Hispanic community. Instructors say a better undersatnding of the Hispanic culture for local officers, will result in better communication.
"To be able to communicate is a concern.  However, also it can sometimes be a safety issue from officers out on the street coming in contact... whether it's a traffic stop or something. Sometimes it is a language barrier that could put an officer at risk," Robinson said. " I don't know how many other departments are doing it. But whether they get a certificate or not, the education that they learn is going to be far more important than a piece of paper."
About 30 employees are attending the weekly 3-hour sessions.
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