Carrollton May Be Lenient On New Year's

Carrollton Ga -- We are not encouraging anyone to take advantage of this information but Carrollton City officials, this month, said they will be a little lenient when it comes to establishments serving alcohol past midnight this coming Sunday on New Year's Eve. Currently the city's alcohol ordinance does not permit alcohol sales in establishments beyond midnight on Sundays.

"This is one of those rare years where new year's eve is going to fall on a Sunday and alcohol sales are an issue," said Grizzard. "There is literally no way to change that ordinance for having alcohol after midnight on Sunday. We can choose to not issue citations. That is about the best that we can do."

Officials also reminded that those attending local eateries to celebrate the new year, ensure that they do have a designated driver if consuming alcohol.
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Location : Carrollton City
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