Congressman In Hot Water With ACLU

West Georgia Region -- Georgia's Third District Congressman, Drew Ferguson, caught some flack from the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia after the group said he illegally blocked people from commenting on his official Facebook page and deleted their posts.

The ACLU has threatened a lawsuit that is claiming that Ferguson’s Facebook page counts as a “limited public forum,” and that Ferguson is legally prohibited from deleting comments or blocking viewers from his page.

The group points to one constituent who said her comments were deleted and her ability to post on the page was blocked. Another constituent aid he had been blocked from the page.

Ferguson has responded by acknowledging that some accounts had been blocked inadvertently and said that the situation had been remedied by staff members and access had been restored. He added, “It is never my intention to silence the voices of my constituents and I appreciate you alerting me to this issue."
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