Villa Rica Mayor Vetoes Portions Of Budgets

Villa Rica Ga -- Villa Rica Mayor Jeff Reese vetoed two portions of the city’s 2018 budget, which was approved by city council last Tuesday. Reese told WLBB radio that he is challenging the method by which a pay parity increase for city employees was handled in the budget, as well as the water/sewer/sanitation rate increase that would affect some senior citizens who previously had received a discounted rate.

Reese stated, "On that one I just felt like a couple of things came to light after the council voted on it that I found out about it. We needed to really look at that a little bit closer to make sure we weren't singling out any particular group. In particular we are talking about our seniors here and I just want to make sure that we don't create a situation where low income seniors are forced to find another place to live because they can't afford our services anymore."

The second veto was against the addition of $45,000 to fund pay-parity increases for city employees.

Reese acknowledging, "Well I'm completely in favor of looking at pay parity for our lower paid employees. I want that to be clear. I do believe that we need to look at that a little more seriously through the year. We have the ability to change the budget and to amend the budget throughout the year. And what I would prefer us do, is to look at cost savings throughout the year and use those cost savings to fund that pay parity."

Both vetoes are subject to override by the city council, whose members must vote by super majority. Council can review the vetoes during a special called meeting in December or wait for the first meeting of 2018.