Temple Mayor Vetoes 2018 Budget

Temple Ga -- The City of Temple could have more budget deliberations to start the new year. Outgoing Mayor Lester Harmon vetoed the city's three operating budgets this week, citing questions about whether the city's SPLOST funds could be used to retire the water and sewer debt.

This veto now goes to council where it can be overridden if it receives a 4 to 1 majority rather than just a simple majority, which is how two of the budgets passed in council earlier this month, with Councilman Todd Rothwell and outgoing Councilwoman Penny Ransom opposing the capital and water and sewer budgets.

City Administrator Bill Osborne said that though the budget may not have passed, the city will operate as normal during the new year.

"You won't see any change in city operation from the end of December to the first of January. We will continue to operate at the same level of service and that won't be affected by this. And of course, at some point in early 2018 there will be a new budget adopted," Osborne assured.

The current mayor or three council members could call a special meeting before the end of the year to vote on the budget again but Osborne thinks that is unlikely.

The budget will most likely be addressed at the regularly scheduled meeting on January 8th. The meeting will be Mayor-elect Michael Johnson and Councilwoman Terron Bivens first of their new term.