Councilman Believes Southwire Causing Sound Problems

Carrollton Ga -- At least one Carrollton City Councilman refuses to accept that Southwire machinery is not the root cause of a humming that residents in a nearby community claim has troubled them for more than a year. Residents of the Cottages of Carrollton have met with city officials numerous times to seek an end to the issue that so far has not been resolved. Last Monday, Southwire's Executive Vice President Jeff Herrin explained to the city council that they have reduced noise levels; plus, on at least two occasions that neighbors complained about the noise, the Southwire plant was not even operating. Herrin said he is convinced that Southwire is not the root cause of the noise.

Councilman Gerald Byrd said he isn't buying it:

"One day it was very quiet in the neighborhood. I took my phone and videoed my yard in a spot that is notorious for the sound. I kept my tape rolling and drove the tape to Southwire and they were closed. Later on that night when the noise came back, I kept the tape running and went to Southwire and they were open. So the time of the day it was quiet they had everything shut off but the time of the day it was noisey, it was all on. I think Southwire is the culprit."

Byrd said he wants the city to pay for impartial experts to study the problem and remedy the situation for the residents affected.

Byrd continued, "It is going to cost a lot of money but certainly it is worth the peace of mind of my constituents and the people of this town. I like Southwire. I appreciate everything that they are doing in this community but I need Southwire and other companies to be good neighbors. Maybe it is high time that we bring attention to the noise that is inside our enterprise zone because people are living there now. When my house was built in 2003, the enterprise zone wasn't as full as it is now."

Southwire's Executive Vice President Jeff Herrin declined to comment directly on Byrd's statements to WLBB radio. He did reiterate that Southwire does not believe they are the root cause of the noise issue.
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Location : Carrollton City