Board of Tax Assessors Request New Commercial Propert Appraiser Position

Carrol County Ga -- The Carroll County Board of Tax Assessors requested the hiring of a full time commercial property appraiser at the Carroll County Commissioners work session on Thursday. In the past year, the county has used, GMASS , a third party company to evaluate commercial properties. Board of Aassessors member, James Fulford, hopes to renew a three year contract while simultaneously training a new appraiser. 
"We do believe that is in the best interest of our taxpayers and us as the board of assessors, to have an on staff commercial appraiser. However we feel at this time that that person is not out there and readily available. From a budgetary standpoint it would cost about 65 a year. So what we are asking for you all to do is to consider approving a GMASS contract for three years and have it put on the agenda for the board meeting. In that time we can start addressing a budgeted position for commercial appraiser in the upcoming budget year," Fulford expressed.  
The Board of Assessors hope to review qualified applicants and hire the new assessor by March or April. 
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Location : Carroll County
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