Reverse Angle Parking Taking Hit in Front of Villa Rica City Council

Villa Rica Ga -- It sounds as though the reverse angle parking experiment in downtown Villa Rica could be coming to an end. The city was recently presented with a document signed by 1500 people asking for a review of RAP, which had been billed as a safer angle parking when implemented on Wilson Street in 2016. At that time, West Wilson was also fixed to be a one-way street.

Councilman Danny Carter commented,  "I think the thing hasn't gone like we thought it would. I think that we ought to do away with the back end parking and keep the one way street because I think that is what prevents the accidents."

Councilwoman Leslie McPherson said she likes the rear angle parking but she said the city must listen to local businesses and their customers.

"It doesn't really matter whether I like it but it's a challenge for some people. This is twofold though because it is not just the wrap parking, it's the one way. So I don't want to stand in the way of business owner. It seems that there is a real push back and that it is hurting business. If it is a real problem for them, I'm certainly not going to stand in their way," added McPherson.   

McPherson mentioned that making Wilson Street a one-way road is also frustrating some local business owners. One such business is Jerry Doyal of ET Doyal and Sons.

Doyal stated, " To me, the one way street is a failure on Friday morning. I have a feed truck that come at 7:30 with school traffic and buses and it is hectic for that tractor trailer. It has affected my business by about 30%"  

Mayor Jeff Reese has asked that a city engineer review the current set-up on Wilson Street, then present a recommendation at a later date.
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