CPD Say Facebook Post Claiming Child Abduction is False

Carrollton Ga -- Carrollton Police say a Facebook post that has gone viral this week claiming an attempted child abduction outside of the Carrollton Wal-Mart has proven to be false but not before it caused concern among many residents.

Carrollton Police Captain Shannon Cantrell said Wal-Mart security and police investigators reviewed the store's surveillance videos and found there was no physical attempt to abduct a child.

Cantrell said as alarming as the initial claim was, he would expect that if someone believed the incident to have been true, they would have instead called 911, rather than simply making the claim on social media.

This is not the first time that a false claim on social media has stirred up the masses, according to Cantrell. He said a few years back that a Facebook post had claimed that women in Carrollton  were being attacked by a man lying in wait under their cars. While no reports were actually filed regarding actual incidents, Cantrell said officers fielded concerned calls regarding the rumors for several weeks.