Central High School Student Recovering After Struck By Vehicle Nearby School

A Central High School student crossing the road to her school early Thursday was struck by a vehicle. Police believe she walked from the back entrance of Martin & Hightower Drive and was attempting to cross Central High Road.
"Based on witness statements at the scene, it sounds as though the female student either did not look or did not see the oncoming truck... but... the sun was kind of bright at that time this morning," Carrollton Police Captain Shannon Cantrell Told WLBB Radio. "The young female student did step out in front of the truck and was struck in the roadway. She was later flown to Atlanta Medical Center for the injuries she sustained."
The student suffered a non-life threatening injury to her pelvis.
Carroll County Schools Superintendent Scott Cowart released the following statement to WLBB Radio: "Obviously in a situation like this our first concern is with the well-being of the individual involved. We will work with the family and support the student in any way we can as we move forward. We will also continue to work with the city of Carrollton and Carroll County to partner in efforts to ensure students are safe as they attend school."
The road passing the school does not currently have a crosswalk; and, concerns for student and driver safety in that area have been a topic for years.
"Businesses have taken issue previous when students chose to park on their private property... and then try to cross the busy roads to get to school," Captain Cantrell said. "From what I can tell the school has ample parking. I'm not sure why they would choose that option. They should really consider using the available school lot."
Cantrell says a couple of the businesses in the area have previously banned students from leaving their cars in their lots throughout the day. "I believe they have resorted to towing cars from their lots," he said.
While there is no way of knowing for sure if a crosswalk or other safety measure would have prevented Thursday morning's accident, Carroll County Chairman Marty Smith says local governments and private businesses have been discussing ways to improve safety for students along the road outside of Central High School.
"We have been trying to make sure we have the acquisition of the right-of-way to where we can put in the adequate sidewalks to reach down there. We have partnered with David Daniels of Chic-Fil-A. He has been more than welcoming for the students to spend time at his store pre-school and after," Smith said. "We've talked with the City of Carrollton and the Carroll County School District Superintendent. And, we are all going to partner to make this happen. It is a priority."
Smith said the county and city could know about acquiring the necessary property by early October.
"I think the biggest issue over there was that students are parking at Kroger and crossing over Highway 27. The good thing is that there is a crosswalk there," Smith said. "I don't believe there is a parking problem on campus but I wonder if some of the students choose not to park there because of the rules involved with parking on campus."
The female driver involved in Thursday's accident is not expected to face any charges.
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