State Trooper Indicted a Third Time

Carrol County Ga -- Villa Rica based defense attorney Mac Pilgrim telling WLBB radio this week that it could be more than two years, if it happens at all, until his client, a former Georgia State Trooper, will have his day in court. The indictment is for two counts of second degree vehicular homicide, two counts of serious injury by vehicle, violation of oath of office, speeding and reckless driving.
Scott was indicted for a third time by a grand jury on August 31st, for his alleged role in the deaths of two teenagers which were killed when Scott's GSP cruiser collided with a Nissan in Carroll County, two years prior. The two previous indictments were dismissed, and Scott's attorney believes this one should be as well. Pilgrim filed documents to quash the latest indictment this month:
"We were obviously hoping that the grand jury would not indict him and that they would no bill it. However if they were to indict it we were prepared to file a motion to quash, which we did. We filed two motions. we filed on which was a motion called an emergency stay of arrest. I felt that the rearresting of Mr. Scott was not necessary. I felt that his prior arrest and the prior posting of bond was sufficient."
And pilgrim says, that motion goes along with his second argument that the third presentation of this case to a grand jury in August, was illegal.
"The law does not allow for a third presentation to a third separate grand jury if the prior two have been no billed and or quashed and or a combination of both. The grand jury should not  have been allowed to hear this a third time. The law does not allow it."
Scott paid the most recent bond set for him, of $10,000, earlier this month.
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