Grizzard Says City Fared Well in Irma

Carrollton Ga -- Carrollton City officials believe the city fared well through Irma following their review of possible damage created by the storm on Tuesday.

"I want to thank everyone that worked the storm, public safety, the police and the fire department and public works, poor guys that have to get up trash in weather like that, I just can't thank them enough. thankfully the storm was not as bad as has been predicted and we are very thankful for that."    

Carrollton City Manager Tim Grizzard also said: "We are pleased at some of the public works projects that had been done recently worked very well for us. We especially thank Tim Padgett and his leadership at a time like this."

Grizzard said storm debris has been cleared from most roads but it may be another couple of weeks before branches and fallen trees can be removed from the side of the road. Grizzard says department heads are discussing the total cost of the storm and clean up involved for the city.

"There can be federal money to reimburse for this work. Going into an event like this, we know to keep up with our time and overtime and any purchases that are made. So we will assemble that data and that'll be transmitted to FEMA and we will hopefully be reimbursed for that. I've already heard from Tim Padgett and he has indicated that this has been declared federally a disaster area." 

One spot in Carrollton which Irma seemed to affect: the west Carrollton Greenbelt was flooded from about 100 yards down from Magnolia Street, at the Greenbelt intersection just in from Avalon Drive, beneath the railroad track behind Avalon Drive and between the wooden bridge north of Highway 16S to the area adjacent to the horse pastures at Cox Plumbing. It was impossible to use on Tuesday.
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Location : Carrollton City