Carrollton Housing Authority receives multiple grants funding rental and utility assistance for eligible homeless persons

The Housing Authority of the City of Carrollton is awarded funding through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Office of Homeless and Special Needs Housing to provide rental and utility assistance to eligible homeless persons and their families.  The Continuum of Care Program, formerly known as Shelter Plus Care, is a competitive renewal grant for the housing authority. 
             The Housing Authority will receive an estimated $340,000 over a period of twelve months.  The funding will allow the authority to provide rental and utility assistance to eligible applicants that meet qualifying criteria of homelessness and disability, as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and in accordance with the Carrollton Housing Authority’s application.

             One of the purposes of the Continuum of Care Program is to provide rental and utility assistance to the hardest to serve population.  The program aims to link housing assistance to supportive services for hard-to-serve client seeking permanent housing opportunities.  The program currently partners with three local service providers for mental health services, representing the “care” component of the program.  These providers include Pathways Behavioral Health, Willowbrooke at Tanner and the Carroll County Drug Court.  It is estimated that the program will operate at capacity by overserving up to 40 families. 
 “Historically, and Carrollton is no exception, housing authorities were developed to address intermediate and long-term affordable housing, and the State’s Continuum of Care adds to that history by providing us with the means to address  immediate and emergency housing needs in our community,"    Charles Griffin, Executive Director said. "We’ve all witnessed it- it's the homeless man standing at the red light asking for a handout or it’s the mother living out of her car. These are the unfortunate scenarios where we’ve lacked services in the past. If these individual want the help, we now have a tool that can provide immediate assistance.”
Additionally, the CHA was awarded a total of $100,000 in new funding from the Office of Homeless and Special Needs Services. Specifically, the CHA was awarded $60,000 for Homelessness Prevention, $20,000 for Hotel/Motel Vouchers, and $19,000 for supportive services.  The broad purpose of these programs is to deliver housing support and related services to persons who are defined as either “homeless” or “at risk of homelessness.”              
“Since its inception in 2010, the Shelter Plus Care Program has provided permanent supportive housing for over 150 homeless individuals and their families.  We have wonderful success stories of clients moving from homelessness to living in a stable housing scenario,"
Jodie Goodman, Social Services Manager. "Some clients have graduated out of the program and transitioned into other housing programs that provide less assistance or no assistance at all.  This type of growth and transition among clients frees up space and opportunities for new clients who are experiencing homelessness.  That is when you know that this program is truly working and making a difference in people’s lives.”