Carrollton's Fire Chief Responds to Criticism at Council Meeting

Carrollton Ga -- One month after Carrollton's Fire Department was publicly accused of deficiencies in support, life safety measures and equipment, Carrollton's Fire Chief Jimmy Bearden addressed the complaints during this week's city council meeting:

"You compare our staffing and equipment to other departments our size and the level of support we receive from you is outstanding. Lately, there has been a lot of attention focused on additional safety equipment and benefits for our firefighters. a lot of those things mentioned are good ideas and I would support them but the way they were presented, would appear to our citizens that our department is unsupported and has bad equipment and that is absolutely not true."

Bearden says the city's department has grown and improved in recent years, despite the recession which hampered many municipalities.

"We were able to replace all of our frontline engines, we bought a new ladder truck, we added a new fire station and we hired twelve additional firefighters. Just this past year we earned the elite grading of ISO Class 1, which has been achieved by less than one quarter of 1% nationwide," said Bearden.    

Following the criticism last month, city officials created a plan to address concerns and they say they want to ensure the Carrollton Fire Department is leading the charge in career progression, health and safety.
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