Bremen City School District Keeps Millage Rate

Bremen Ga -- The Bremen City School District will keep their millage rate at 14.95 mils for the tenth consecutive year. However, following property reassessments, an increase in the tax digest and the district's decision to not roll back the millage rate, some property owners will see an increase in their property taxes. Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Hicks says maintaining the rate will require an increase in property taxes by 4.6% for city parcels in the Haralson portion of the district and by 5.15% for city parcels in the Carroll County portion. This will result in an additional $250,000 for district schools.

Hicks said: "We definitely want people to understand that the increases are based on reassessments not based on us raising the millage. It is something that some people get confused and I welcome people to obviously come to the hearings but if they can't do that they, call me and I would be more than happy to explain. Anytime you have increases you have to be transparent about why."

The proposed tax increase for a home in the district with a fair market value of $100,000 is approximated between $24 and $30.

Bremen schools will host three public hearings regarding the tax increase, at the board of education office. The first on august 14th. Then two more august 22nd.
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