City Council to Decide on New Assistant DA

Carrollton Ga -- The Carrollton City Council on Monday could decide whether or not the city will pay for a new assistant district attorney for the Coweta Judicial Circuit, who would primarily prosecute gang and drug-related cases in Carrollton and Carroll County. City Manager Tim Grizzard had set aside $100,000 in the 2017-2018 budget for the job, but will be asking the council to discuss and approve the new role next week.

Grizzard said: "District Attorney Skandalakis approached us about a year ago to talk about funding an assistant district attorney. Some other towns are doing that. He indicated that it was a key part to fighting crime in the area and that there was a bottleneck in the prosecution area in dealing with some of the crimes, particularly gang related and drug related crimes."

Grizzard seems confident that supporting the new role is a good investment for Carrollton.

"We had a good year financially. We actually raised some of our fines that are charged for minor crimes and that has brought in more revenue for the city and we wanted to contribute part of that towards this program. We didn't know the exact cost of an assistant district attorney when we did the budget, so I put $100,000 in. I had told the council that I would bring back the exact number: that is $96,000," said Grizzard.   

District attorney Pete Skandalakis will officially ask for council's support for this new position during Monday's regular city council meeting.