Commissioner Concerned About County Groundwater

Carrol County Ga -- Carroll County's District 5 Commissioner Lee Powers is urging the county to increase the minimum size of property lots for future developments. He says, it's a way to help maintain the health of the county's ground water for the future.

Powers wants each new property to come with a mandatory one-half acre devoted only to septic systems. The current laws in Carroll County require lots be no smaller than 1/2 acre total.

Powers, who is a certified septic tank installer, says he is seeing more and more homes experiencing septic system problems because the initial systems were not made to support the growing number of bedrooms in new houses. He says, some properties are adding new pools, and others are seeing more water used because families are growing. When its discovered that a bigger system is necessary, there is nowhere to install it.

His biggest concern is that those smaller systems break and leak sewage that gets into the county's ground water. Powers believes his suggestion will help preserve the county's water in the future.

Powers says: "I'd like to see Carroll County set a half acre aside for the system itself and the replacement of the system. So when that happens we adequately install a new system and protect our groundwater."  

Powers presented his idea to the Carroll County Board of Health on Tuesday. He plans to present to the county planning and zoning board in the near future.
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