Former Fire Cheif to Audit Carrollton Fire Department

Carrollton Ga -- A former Carroll County fire chief has agreed to participate in an investigation into those allegations made against Carrollton's Fire Department during the public portion of their city council meeting last week. A local business operator and wife of a fire fighter had alleged that the department is failing to adapt to changing times and was in need of several improvements for safety.  Carrollton City Manager Tim Grizzard on Tuesday, said current vice president of campus and support services for Tanner Medical-- Gary Thomas, has begun an audit into these concerns, and will use his expertise to benefit the department in any other ways possible:

"Lately there have been some questions about certain things, about some of the equipment and some of the practices. While I have full confidence that everything is being done right, we want our  public to have that same confidence in their fire departments. so we've asked for an outside audit. We asked Gary Thomas who is the ex fire chief for Carroll County and current vice president of campus and support services at Tanner Medical."  

Thomas is participating with the city's HR director, Faith Pullen, in the investigation.

"Gary has a master's degree in the management of fire departments and is a very qualified and credible individual. He has no previous connection with the city of Carrollton. He is completely independent and he has agreed to come in and look at any issues that anyone has raised and make sure that we are doing things right. We told Gary that he has a free hand to audit anything he likes," said Grizzard.

Carrollton's Fire Department is currently a one-rating by the Insurance Services Office. Less than 200 of the 50-thousand fire departments nationwide have received that ISO one rating.
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