Recycling Rumors Busted

Carrollton Ga -- Rumors that a local recycling program may not be fulfilling its promise has one local group looking for answers. Staff at Keep Carroll Beautiful said they had heard concerns from residents enough that they wanted to know for sure, if recyclable items collected by the City of Carrollton each week, were in fact being recycled, or if they were being taken to a landfill.

"Multiple people were calling us and we would give presentations and in the middle of our presentations would say 'hey is our recycling actually being recycled'," said Pfau.   

Keep Carroll Beautiful executive director Lindsay Pfau says the way the program is supposed to work...once recyclable items are collected from your residence each week by the city of Carrollton, those items are then delivered to the West Point transfer station, and dropped off in a specific area for recycling.
And, after conducting their own investigation, Pfau says she is convinced that the program is operating as it should be;

"I think a lot of the misconception could have come from drivers who are dropping off recycling. It looks like it's being dropped off where normal trash is being dropped off, but it is separated into another area at the transfer station."     

It is worth pointing out that KCB is not currently receiving funding from the city of Carrollton.

Also, if you'd like to hear more details of KCB's investigation, you can listen to Friday's WLBB community voice which is posted on our website. KCB also plans to release video of their investigation, later this year.