Mayor Wants More Clarity on Proposed Budget

Carrollton Ga -- Carrollton mayor and city council will continue to discuss the city's 2017-2018 budget proposal during a work session at city hall today. 

Mayor Walt Hollingsworth will ask for clarity on a few items, including that partial funding for an assistant district attorney position who would prosecute only gang-related crimes. The Carroll County government could cover the other half of the new assistant district attorney's salary. Hollingsworth is unsure if the new prosecutor would work only Carrollton crime or if they would work gang crime throughout the county.

"The assistant DA that they are proposing that we bring back in this year. The county is going to pay part of that and the city is going to pay part of that but I think that maybe Villa Rica and the rest of the towns need to pay part of that also. I think not just Carrollton and the city need to participate in this endeavor," says Mayor Hollingsworth.    

Hollingsworth also questions the proposed pay increase that averages out to a 3% increase for all city employees. He says 3% will obviously result in more money for those higher up in the pay scale than those making less. He wonders if there is a way that each employee can receive a similar increase.

Hollingsworth says: "To me personally, if you take somebody that's making anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000, he gets a 3% bump. That's anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000 a year. You take someone making $30,000 or $32,000 like our fireman and police and they are getting 3%. That's only like a $900 bump. I'd rather see it flip up with a 1% cost of living raise to the higher paid people and give more to the lower paid people. I think it's more fair."       

Hollingsworth and the city council have until July 10th to agree on the 2017-2018 budget.
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