White Substance Sent To Judge Deemed Harmless

A brief scare for a Carroll County Judge, upon opening an envelope addressed to the court, and being unable to immediately identify the color-less substance inside.

Court Administrator, Gerald Pilgrim says it was approximately 1:20 Wednesday when the judge alerted security at the courthouse.  He says a West Georgia Regional Haz- Mat crew was soon on the scene, and took all safety precautions.

"The Haz-Mat team secured the substance," Pilgrim told WLBB Radio. "The incident occurred in a secure area of the court house, so the public was never in any danger. We kept the courthouse open."

Investigators with the Carroll County Sheriff's Office believe they have identified the source of the letter and they believe the alarm it may have created was unintentional.

Captain Jeff Richards says the material inside the envelope may simply have been a significant amount of correction fluid-- or white-out-- used by the sender on his  letter; and, was harmless.

Investigators at this time do not believe the sender had ill-intentions. However, they do continue to investigate.
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