Kindergarten teacher Jessica Dietsch works with a small group of students on alphabet identification during the school’s first Kindergarten Camp at Carrollton Elementary School. 

CARROLLTON, GA – Brand new and super enthusiastic, about two dozen future Trojans per day were able to experience school a little early through Carrollton Elementary’s first “kindergarten camp” held over the past month.

The camp ended its run last Thursday, but its impact will be long felt in the classroom, said CES Principal Amanda Carden.

“These babies were like little sponges,” she said. “The goal was to focus on school readiness. They’ve never been in school and don’t know what it’s like. We want them to be ready to learn when they start in August.”

Carden said the four-week camp, free for participants, was supported by funding received by the district for being a charter school system. Each day the camp started at 8 a.m. and ended at noon and transportation was provided for those who needed it. 

“Daily routines such as going to the lunchroom or restroom and how to walk in a line down the hall can cause little ones a lot of anxiety,” said Carden. “By teaching these skills and Trojan Gold behavior expectations, they will be much more comfortable with the ‘big school’ adventure that’s ahead.”

Carden said three veteran kindergarten teachers, Jodee Bennett, Jessica Dietsch and Kelly Hendricks worked with the students on acclimating them to the kindergarten environment plus began the process of introducing letters, numbers and a special highlight – how to spell their names – much to the delight of the students.

“These teachers were phenomenal with the kids,” said Carden. “I appreciate so much their willingness to take a month of their summer to jump start success for these students.”

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