Councilman Wojcik for City Staff Pay increase

Carrollton Ga -- There is a difference in opinion within Carrollton's City Council as whether or not to include a pay increase of about 3% to the city's employees in the coming fiscal year.

A previous article we published discussed Councilman Met Lane, who suggests holding off the pay increase until the city can get a better idea of what other similar sized cities are paying for the same jobs.

Today Councilman Rory Wojcik says repaying quality staff is important now. "What we want to do is maintain and retain the quality of service that Carrolton has become known for. We have wonderful staff in our city and we want to keep them and reward them for the work that they do," says Wojcik.  

A pay raise in the proposed budget would also benefit city public safety officials. Earlier this year, state level public safety officials received a significant pay increase. Wojcik would like to institute a merit based pay raise for the city's police to ensure that the city retains its top officers.

Carrollton mayor and city council should approve the 2017-18 budget on July 10th.