West in Thirty Program provides hope for students

Carrol County Ga -- The University of West Georgia and West Georgia Technical College has formed another partnership. The West in Thirty Program allows incoming freshman, who were denied to UWG due to test scores, to be fully admitted to UWG after the completion of two semesters at WGTC. To qualify, WGTC students must complete 24 credit hours while maintaining a 2.0 GPA or receive an Associate's Degree.

Justin Barlow, UWG's Director of Admissions, says that participation in the program this year has more than doubled the previous two years combined and he is optimistic about the future partnership. "We just want to get students up to a level where they are proficient because our goal is to help them graduate," says Barlow. "We just wanted to put all the resources that both West Georgia Tech and UWG have together, to reach that goal."   

One example of a student reaching her goals through the West in Thirty Program is Destiny Wood. "Once you get denied, I can't say that I wasn't a little disappointed. Then I got this email about the program and I had hope," she said. Wood just completed her first semester at UWG after fulfilling the requirements at West Georgia Tech.

For more information on the West in Thirty Program, contact the admissions office at the University of West Georgia.