Grand Jury To Decide Whether To Prosecute Councilman

A prosecutor and grand jury will now review the allegations of simple battery against a Temple City Councilman to decide whether are worthy to prosecute.

Carroll County Chief Magistrate Judge Alton Johnson admitted that the proof required for finding probable cause at Wednesday's hearing is a low standard. He did rule that this case proceed.

Johnson added he had no doubt that the incident stemmed from a political "witch hunt."

This case is based on Temple resident Dawn Adkins' claim that--while she was attempting to video-record at the close of a march city council meeting, Councilman Richard Bracknell pushed her camera down multiple times.  Adkins claimed that Bracknell swatted her  hand.

Bracknell's attorney expects the case will not make it to trial.

"I'm confident that this case does not meet the standard of reasonable doubt to continue," she told WLBB Radio. " This issue is all about politics and nothing more."
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