New WGTC Campus In Carroll County "Long Overdue," President Says

West Georgia Technical College is in need of a new campus in Carroll County, WGTC President Steve Daniel said Monday.

"We are hopeful to introduce to the legislature and get passed at some point, funding for a new campus," Daniel told WLBB Radio. "That is something that is long overdue... and (student growth) represents certainly a part of the relationship we have with the University of West Georgia and the partnerships we have with the education collaborative. All of those things have helped get us to the point where we are seeing more and more the feasibility for this campus to be a reality, so we're excited."

Daniel says a potential project is still a ways off from breaking ground. Possible locations have not yet been confirmed. But, He does say, officials are discussing possible designs for a facility and/or campus at this point.

Daniel says state legislators Mike Dugan and Randy Nix have been helpful getting this process started.