City Budget Anticipates Growth, Official Says; Asks For Two New Positions

Carrollton City's 2017-2018 budget proposal presented publicly Monday by Finance Director Jim Triplett, is a plan that he says prepares and anticipates growth and development in the city.

"The last few years, we slowed down during the recession. Then we stabilized. Now we are starting to see things pick up... the number of customers, business activities, things we are trying to promote within the city," Triplett told the mayor and council. "With that, comes the need sometimes for additional personnel to help manage the growth and provide the services that our citizens are accustomed, and that's what we are trying to do with this budget."

Carrollton's general budget proposal predicts just over 25.1 million dollars. That's an increase of 2.2-million dollars over the current budget-- or about 10-percent.
"A large part of this budget increase is related to new positions that will help the city effectively manage growth and development as it comes our way," He said. "We have proposed a new marketing director who would be responsible for marketing the city in terms of events and venues, and making the city more visible."

The proposal also includes the addition of a codes enforcement officer. Until this year, Carrollton has combined the building inspector role and codes enforcement position into one job. Triplett says as construction has increased, the efforts now require more than one person.

Revenues from current Ad Valorum taxes are forecast to increase about $400,000 from the current budget; up about 13% to $3.55M. City officials point to the major reassessment of property values conducted by Carroll County last year, as the reason.

Revenues from automobile tax, utility franchises, beer and wine, and sales tax revenues are all expected to rise in the coming year. Officials say that those positive projections and others should allow the city to maintain the 4.62 millage rate going into 2018.

Carrollton has not raised the millage rate since 1993, according to Triplet.