Former Superintendent Of The Arts Files Lawsuit Against City

It has been almost a year since the attorney representing former Carrollton City employee Penny Lewis served the City with an ante-litem notice, claiming that the former Superintendent Of The Arts was wrongfully terminated, and has endured libel, slander, false imprisonment, and consequential financial, emotional and physical damage.

This month, Lewis has filed her civil action lawsuit against the city and three of its employees.

Lewis left her role with the city in May of 2016 following accusations of mishandling thousands of dollars in tax payer money. According to city documents, city officials agreed to not pursue criminal prosecution in exchange for her resignation.
Lewis' civil suit claims that her resignation and retirement occurred under the duress of being in the physical presence of an armed police officer... leading to the ultimatum that she resign and retire or face criminal charges; and, armed police officers "accosted Lewis and /or searched her office on three separate occasions." She claims  she was deprived of her property interests in her employment at CCAC, "in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Georgia."

Lewis' suit also asserts that the defendants, individually and in concert, knowingly and intentionally, and maliciously engaged in conduct with the objective of defaming, libeling, and slandering Lewis.

Carrollton City Attorney Chuck Conerly told WLBB radio this week that the city will "respond" to the civil suit by the end of this month. He says the "city intends to vigorously defend" against  the claims.

Lewis and her attorney could be asking for more than 3-million dollars in damages.