Man Accused Of Shooting Woman & Their Unborn Baby Sentenced To Life In Prison

Tyrail Arrenzo Wynn entered guilty pleas to Murder, Feticide, Aggravated Assault, Cruelty to Children in the First Degree, Tampering with Evidence, and Possession of Marijuana.
Judge Dennis Blackmon sentenced the defendant to Life in prison for the murder of Nakita Holland, life in prison for Feticide, and a total of  twenty years on the  remaining charges.  Under Georgia law, the defendant will  not be eligible for parole until he has served at least thirty  (30) years in prison.  The guilty pleas were negotiated by Senior Assistant  District Attorney  Lynda Caldwell after consultation with the  family of the victim. During the plea hearing, the Court  heard from Sylinda Johnson, Nakita Holland ’s mother, who  tearfully described the daily anguish she suffers from the  loss of her  daughter and unborn grandson  The Court also  heard from Syconda Walker, the sister of the victim, and  several of Ms. Holland’s close friends.  
The District Attorney hopes  Ms. Holland’s family can  find  some comfort and peace with today’s guilty pleas.
On  July 6,  2015 , the body of thirty -  eight year old Nakita  Holland was discovered by her landlady in Nakita’s  apartment on Bennett Circle in Carrollton. Also in the  apartment was Nakita’s two year old daughter, who was  found yelling and crying  in the apartment while
covered in  her mother’s blood. Nakita  had been shot three times and  was found lying  in a pool of blood  on her bedroom floor. At the time of her death, Nakita was nine months  pregnant  with a son.  DNA  tests  confirmed the defendant,  Tyrail Wynn, to have been the father.  Before the murder,  the defendant , who was married to another woman,  was threatened by his wife with leaving him and moving to Texas with their son. Wynn asked Nakita to terminate her pregnancy and she refused. Subsequently, he was overheard making comments that Nikita was ruining his life.
Investigators with the Carrollton Police Department determined that four bullets had been fired through the window of Ms. Holland’s apartment, three of them striking the victim.
Beside the window outside of the apartment, the killer had painted swastikas and racially inflammatory words in red spray paint. Weeks before the murder, the defendant sent a text message to a female friend asking for red spray paint. He later followed up with repeated requests for the friend to buy him red spray paint, which she eventually provided. After the murder, the friend and two men went to Wynn’s home where they retrieved a bag containing clothes, shoes, gloves, and a handgun. One of the men, following the defendant’s instructions, takes the items and burns them. The handgun was tossed into a lake and later recovered by divers from the Carrollton Fire Department.  When investigators discover the burn area, they recover part of a Converse shoe, which is later forensically linked to a shoe print found at the scene of the murder. Also located near the burn site was a can of red spray paint. The paint from this can was linked by experts to the red paint used to make the offensive symbols and words on the victim’s apartment. The handgun recovered from the lake was tested by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and determined to be the murder weapon.
In addition to this evidence, the police recovered a particle of gunshot residue from the defendant’s hands and could put him in possession of ammunition matching the brand of ammunition used in the murder.
The District Attorney thanks the Carrollton Police Department and the many officers involved in this investigation for all their hard work and the countless hours of dedication to this fine investigation. I particularly wish to commend Detective Stephen Davenport for his superb professionalism in building an airtight case against this defendant. Detective Davenport’s intelligence and tenacity in the investigation of this case were essential to the successful prosecution of this heartless criminal. The citizens of Carrollton and all of West Georgia
have been well served by Detective Davenport and the other professionals of the Carrollton Police Department. Investigator Rebecca Byrd of the District Attorney’s Office must be recognized for her tireless efforts in gathering witnesses and marshalling the evidence to be presented in court. For over a decade, she has silently and diligently worked at the highest level out of the public eye. It is time for Investigator Byrd to be recognized for all she has done to
keep the public safe. I finally wish recognize Senior Assistant District Attorney Lynda Caldwell, who has once again distinguished herself as one of Carroll County’s most determined prosecutors. She has a hard earned reputation for the steadfast pursuit of justice on behalf of victims and the families of victims. For the better part of a quarter century, the citizens of Carroll County, the Coweta Judicial Circuit, and the State of Georgia have been well served by this veteran prosecutor.
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