Evaluating Storm Damage 12:00pm Monday

Carroll County EMA Director Tim Padgett says there is damage to trees, businesses and homes in Carrollton, caused by the storm that rolled through Monday morning.
Padgett is encouraging drivers to stay clear of Alabama Street through Brumbelow Road as crews evaluate damage and clear debris.
Padgett says trees and branches are down, some businesses were damaged, and trees and branches damaged some homes. He could not confirm if a tornado touched down at this point.
Meanwhile, 8300 Carroll EMC customers are currently without power.

Crews have been called out to evaluate the cause of those outages.
Thus far, Carroll EMC VP of Marketing Jay Gill says linemen have discovered that a transmission line is down which is affecting at least three sub stations. No word on what it will take or how long it will take to correct. But he suspects that is the cause for most of the outages.
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