CARROLLTON, GA – Of Carrollton High School’s Class of 2016 AP test takers, more than half scored well enough on Advanced Placement exams to earn college credit, scoring at least a 3 or higher on 151 individual exams out of a total of 288 administered.

Seventy five students in the class took at least one AP exam during their high school career, with most taking multiple exams over the four years. Of those, 44 students scored at levels that potentially could earn them college credit, but not all students who take AP courses take the exams, said Susan Gordy, CHS assistant principal over curriculum.

“Our philosophy is to encourage students to take AP classes to expose them to the rigor even if they don’t take the exams,” she said. “AP and International Baccalaureate classes are some of the best courses for students to take for college preparation.”

The addition of the IB diploma program at CHS earlier this decade also posted strong results from the class, with 139 IB exams administered. Of those, 95 scored at least a 4 or higher. These numbers are significant in that they impact the participation rate of AP testing at CHS and will continue to do so as the IB program grows.

Gordy said 22 students in the current sophomore class have signed up to be IB full diploma students, meaning they will take more IB courses over AP ones over the next two years. 

“IB courses, especially in language arts and social studies, replace AP counterparts for many students,” she said. “There are also times when a student’s schedule doesn’t allow for the two blocks of Calculus required in AP, so they opt for the one block IB math course.”

The state has seen a 7.7 percent increase in the percentage of graduates scoring a 3 or higher on an AP exam. At an average college credit rate of $281.77 per credit hour, this represents a significant savings for Georgia students and families, according to a Georgia Department of Education press release. This number, when applied to the 151 AP exams scoring a 3 or higher at CHS, nets a potential savings of $127,642 for Class of 2016 students.

“While we support high school students taking college classes as dually enrolled students at the University of West Georgia and West Georgia Technical College when appropriate, AP and IB high school courses still set the standard for academic rigor and are highly regarded litmus tests in predicting college success,” said David Brooks, CHS principal. “We are proud of our students who accept this challenge and congratulate their efforts in scoring well.”

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