Boil Water Advisory Should Expire Mid-Morning Friday

The boil water advisory for Carrollton City Water users will likely remain in effect until Friday morning. City Manager Tim Grizzard told WLBB Radio Thursday that the water is testing clear at this point, following a main break late Wednesday, however  regulatory requirements call for a mandatory advisory period.


"There is a regulatory requirement that we have tests performed across the system and those tests take 24-hours. So we expect the boil water advisory to lift mid-morning Friday." Grizzard said. "We think the system is now completely safe, but just to be prudent, we advise citizens to boil the water before they drink it or make baby food. You can certainly cook with it, certainly bathe with it now."


That main break Wednesday resulted in water pressure in parts of the water system to drop to dangerously low levels.


Officials say potential health hazards may result in those areas of zero pressure from backflow and/or back-siphonage of water into the water distribution system.

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